II am IIoudas IIscarii

gold blood



aliias don juan diiablo
destroyer of empiires
defiier of physiics
conner of condesces
pawner of orphaners
most powerful troll
iin paradox space

captaiin of a flyiing fortress
kiing of a celestiial kiingdom

II have slaughtered hundreds
and ruiined thousands

II brought down the battleshiip
wiith my power
whiile serviing AS iits power

II have been the bane of trolls of all colors hiigher than me
and the saviior of trolls
of all colors below me

II have rescued
demons from hell

and communed wiith
the horrorterrors
iin theiir own tongue

II have liiberated
gold bloods and sun bloods
from the chaiins of slavery

and put sea dwellers
iin theiir shackles

and most iimportantly

II am karkats moiiraiil

Ioudas Iscari

((This is a Homestuck AU roleplay blog for the Ψiioniic Helmsman. Open to all fandoms. Upon first meeting, please do not assume your character and Ioudas are in the same place unless you know for a fact you are, or your character isn't physically capable of getting online. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're interested in RPing, but the typing quirk (or anything else about my formatting) annoys you, please let me know and I'll gladly drop the offending elements for you.))
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“Thii ‘ive ‘ith rrr-dan! rrr-dan ‘tect thiiii!”

“Huh…” He glances around for something like an Alternian hive. “Does he live on earth?”

“‘Ive ‘ere! Thii sho’ Iii-oh-daaaath!” He squirmed a bit in Ioudas’s arms. “No f’y, do’n, no thee ‘bove!”

“Okay, lead away!” He flies them down to street level and sets the smaller troll down.

He promptly takes off, scampering down the street in a lope that looks like he is constantly just about to fall over or trip over himself. He does, in fact, trip several times, but gets back up without any signs of being affected by it and continues on.

Eventually, he leads Ioudas to a smallish, partially crushed dumpster lying upside-down, and squirms inside through a small hole barely big enough for him to get into. A moment later, he squirms back out. “Rrrr-dan no here, Ii-oh-dath ‘ait or ‘o?”

He stares down, dumbfounded.

"You two live in a dumpster?"

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