II am IIoudas IIscarii

gold blood



aliias don juan diiablo
destroyer of empiires
defiier of physiics
conner of condesces
pawner of orphaners
most powerful troll
iin paradox space

captaiin of a flyiing fortress
kiing of a celestiial kiingdom

II have slaughtered hundreds
and ruiined thousands

II brought down the battleshiip
wiith my power
whiile serviing AS iits power

II have been the bane of trolls of all colors hiigher than me
and the saviior of trolls
of all colors below me

II have rescued
demons from hell

and communed wiith
the horrorterrors
iin theiir own tongue

II have liiberated
gold bloods and sun bloods
from the chaiins of slavery

and put sea dwellers
iin theiir shackles

and most iimportantly

II am karkats moiiraiil

Ioudas Iscari

((This is a Homestuck AU roleplay blog for the Ψiioniic Helmsman. Open to all fandoms. Upon first meeting, please do not assume your character and Ioudas are in the same place unless you know for a fact you are, or your character isn't physically capable of getting online. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're interested in RPing, but the typing quirk (or anything else about my formatting) annoys you, please let me know and I'll gladly drop the offending elements for you.))

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13年05月28日 Tue 22:58:58.207

Anonymous asked you: M!A: Suddenly, you recieve a wholesale-sized box of honey straws. On the side of the box is a poorly drawn, but happy looking bee. However, upon tasting, you will find that all of the straws contain only orange blossom honey.

==> Man, what’s wrong with orange blossom honey? It tastes like childhood. Just like mom used to make steal for him.

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13年05月28日 Tue 22:52:38.203

Anonymous asked you: Ioudas, given your stated belief that a moirail can aspire to no higher goal than their moirail’s happiness, what would be your thoughts/opinion of someone shoving their moirail into a lotus-eater machine? (Pretend that tumblr allowed me to give him a link to TVTropes…)

yeah see„ poiints for good iintentiions?? but„ the thiing iis„ moiirallegiiances are based on trust and complete honesty

and machiines liike that are happiiness based on LIIES

so iits sort of iiffy and really iisnt good

happiiness based on liies iisnt really happiiness at all

unless you both talk about iit and are both ok wiith you puttiing your moiiraiil iin the machiine„ but liike„ ii dont know many people whod go for that

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13年04月21日 Sun 02:31:00.354

Anonymous asked you: what has wriggler Jegus been up to this whole time?







==> Wriggler Jegus has been busily pupating in a dark room and thus is perfectly safe.

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13年01月09日 Wed 01:50:12.368

Anonymous asked you: Kulira quietly watches in the distance and thinks about liking all of these posts but does not.

The forces at work in the universe which prefer seeing Ioudas happy thank Kulira.

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13年01月09日 Wed 01:39:22.360

Anonymous asked you: Or how about you just don’t butt into people’s RPs/plots without asking?

Well, the thing is, it makes perfect sense for Ioudas to get involved with shit that’s going down with a close friend of his, which is EXACTLY why I DID ask if there’s a plot going on––to make sure I’m not butting into it!

So, basically, you’re telling me to do the exact thing I just did.

You’re welcome.

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13年01月09日 Wed 01:12:56.342

Anonymous asked you: This is the anonymous ass grab of love! send this to all of your Tumblr crushes to let them know they’re loved and they’re a fine piece of booty.

thiis iis the IIoudas ass kiick of hate

send iit 2 diisgustiing gray faced perverts who dont know how 2 keep theiir fiilthy hands 2 themselves and thiink that sexual assault iis a compliiment that the harassed viictiims should be grateful for

==> Mun thanks you and basks in the love.

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13年01月07日 Mon 20:37:59.151

Anonymous asked you: Why don’t you get Tumblr Hate? It’s a browser app that’s supposed to block notes from certain posts i think.

Oh, really?? That’d be great! Thanks, anon. :D

Is it available on Safari?

… After a search, it does not appear to be. Alas. But thank you for the suggestion nonetheless.

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13年01月06日 Sun 22:52:22.244

Anonymous asked you: Sickness!Anon- For two hours, you have been struck with a terrible stomach virus! Fever, vomiting, extreme nausea, and headaches are the symptoms. No one can reverse my effects, and no medicine can help! Any mention of food will only make your poor tummy churn harder

==> You have literally nothing in your stomach to vomit, your body has shit homeostasis right now, you haven’t eaten in hundreds of thousands of sweeps, and nausea and headaches are par for the course when you find yourself on the Battleship Condescension again.

==> On top of that, you’ve curled up in a ball in a closet and started mumbling and trembling and hallucinating about the things you thought you saw when you were buried alive.

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13年01月04日 Fri 22:55:23.246

Anonymous asked you: BtSDLb


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13年01月01日 Tue 00:47:05.324

Anonymous asked you: “‘Eeoh-dass’” oh so that’s th e pron ounc iati on. i’ve had it w rong th is whole t im e. im just gonn a… g o n ow. oh nooooooooo

It’s okay! In fact I’ve been meaning to do a post on my headcanon.

the thing about his name is “Ioudas” is a legitimate variant spelling of Judas, which means it probably DOES have a legitimate real world pronunciation, but I don’t know what it is. The real pronunciation is probably “you-das.”

But I pronounce the first syllable of Ioudas’s name a bit differently. It’s something between a two-syllable “ee-oh” sound, and a one-syllable “yo” sound. As in, the “iou” is a single syllable, but it starts with a “ee” vowel sound rather than a “y” consonant sound.

But even I vary on how I pronounce his name in my own head. Sometimes I just say “you-das.”

Anyway don’t worry about how it’s pronounced, ain’t nobody taking a grade and to be honest ain’t no correct answer neither. 0u0 

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