II am IIoudas IIscarii

gold blood



aliias don juan diiablo
destroyer of empiires
defiier of physiics
conner of condesces
pawner of orphaners
most powerful troll
iin paradox space

captaiin of a flyiing fortress
kiing of a celestiial kiingdom

II have slaughtered hundreds
and ruiined thousands

II brought down the battleshiip
wiith my power
whiile serviing AS iits power

II have been the bane of trolls of all colors hiigher than me
and the saviior of trolls
of all colors below me

II have rescued
demons from hell

and communed wiith
the horrorterrors
iin theiir own tongue

II have liiberated
gold bloods and sun bloods
from the chaiins of slavery

and put sea dwellers
iin theiir shackles

and most iimportantly

II am karkats moiiraiil

Ioudas Iscari

((This is a Homestuck AU roleplay blog for the Ψiioniic Helmsman. Open to all fandoms. Upon first meeting, please do not assume your character and Ioudas are in the same place unless you know for a fact you are, or your character isn't physically capable of getting online. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're interested in RPing, but the typing quirk (or anything else about my formatting) annoys you, please let me know and I'll gladly drop the offending elements for you.))

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13年01月06日 Sun 14:45:53.906

((okay so i was bored during a piano recital so i drew this
what is anatomy
he’s super thin and bent over so thats one of the reasons he looks weird
actual skeleton ioudas iscary
that was a typo but im keeping it there))

==> Hugs you 
 perfect creepy baby, thank you


((okay so i was bored during a piano recital so i drew this

what is anatomy

he’s super thin and bent over so thats one of the reasons he looks weird

actual skeleton ioudas iscary

that was a typo but im keeping it there))


==> Hugs you

perfect creepy baby, thank you

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12年12月26日 Wed 00:57:01.331




merry christmas ckret i made you shitty art.


yes, those are pillow rooms

no, that’s not close to all of them, but i didn’t know how to incorporate others i didn’t know about/didn’t have reference for readily.

yes, i did actually try on this. just looks shitty despite how hard i tried and i’m sorry about that

no, this isn’t all, i’m sending money over paypal on the 29th, that’s the next time my friend who has a paypal will see me and i’m going to hand it to her while she wires it to you through her account

and shockingly, yes, i did actually manage to get this monster to you during christmas your time (it’s only 9:15 here. :I)

and no, this will probably not be the last time i try to make this, i’ll probably get just stupid and stubborn enough to do it again some other time.)

sorry for how shitty. :I

oh my god that’s awesome

look at all that aaaah!!

I’m on my phone and can’t look at the details but aaaah!!!!

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12年11月05日 Mon 20:33:39.148

accur8 facts

  • kigurumi kankri: ioudas is cray
  • kigurumi kankri: redglare is cray
  • kigurumi kankri: kulira is cray
  • kigurumi kankri: porrim is cray but less cray
  • kigurumi kankri: kankri is supacray

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12年11月05日 Mon 18:47:35.074

Anonymous asked you: A little baby elephant stumbles into your ask box, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you and it reads, “I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person.” Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.



==> The elephant has been adopted into the Tiburón Tigre. Random Encounters with the Tiny Elephant have now been enabled. It is a noble blueblood, and it loves you. Yes, YOU.

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12年11月05日 Mon 12:35:29.816

What if beez?


[So this is kind of a non-Makena/Saatra crack piece that I was told I should write. Inspired by this. Word count 435.]

Requin felt a pit of guilt in his stomach as he watched his little slave mourn. He’d been non-functional for a few days now, coming out of his red or blue episodes just to cry. He was thankful none of his highblood peers were around to see him go so easy on the boy. He wanted to let Psi mourn. He owed him that. It was his shitty security that got the young Troll’s lusus killed.

“Psi?” he called gently. He took the small acknowledgement as an invitation and saw himself inside. He sat beside Psi and wrapped his arms around him. He whispered apology after apology until finally Psi responded.

“It’s just…” he croaked, barely able to form words. Requin just pet the boy’s hair until he was able to form the words. “I miss Mommy… and I just have so many unanswered questions.”

“I will do my best to answer them. I’m so, so sorry, my little bee, and I will do anything I can to…” to what? Make it up to him? How can you make up something like this to somebody? “I will do anything I can for you.”

“B-but Momm-mmy knew ev-verything…”

“Well I know a lot,” he nudged Psi gently, trying to give him a reassuring smile, “I can’t tell you how sorry I am, but will you give me a chance?”

The young boy gave him a somber nod, hiccupping a little between sniffles. Requin calmly wiped Psi’s tears with the corner of his cape.

“There we are. I have to go attend to matters on the ship. Is there anything you need from me before I go?” Requin smiled and brushed back Psi’s tangled hair.

“What if…” but his voice caught.

“Go on. It’s alright,” he reassured softly.

“What if the sea was bees?” Requin did a double take, completely thrown off guard.


“And what if there was a bee gun? What if you FORGOT to reload the bee gun?”

“uh, whu—?”

“What if on Mardi Gras instead of beads, you threw bees? What if bees were rainbow drinkers? What if the ship was bees? What if—

“What if I’M bees?”

There was a long, uncomfortable silence between then as Requin fought to think of how to handle this. Then it began going downhill. Psi saw it in his master’s eyes. He didn’t know and he would never know the answers to the questions he had, even if his illogical state of mind produced complete nonsense. Requin stuttered and then began fighting to answer his questions in a way that would make him happy.


“No, Ioudas. You ARE the bees.”

And then Ioudas was a hornet.

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12年11月04日 Sun 13:40:39.861

Anonymous asked you: (( Ckret, has anyone told you lately that your mind is a thing of eldritch beauty? While I was writing, I thought, “Should I specify that the spoon hits him on the head? Nah…” and then you had the spoon hit him on the head. I am just so amused right now. ))

Hey guys, my mind is a thing of eldritch beauty! :D


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12年11月03日 Sat 21:14:45.135


((I’m gonna go. Talk to you losers in the morning!))

#nah jk u guys aern’t losers #ckret2 is actually #but she’s a loser because she needs to update the zimpreg fic #the rest of you are p cool #ooc

y u so meen 2 me, none of THEM are updating the zimpreg fic either


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12年11月02日 Fri 00:45:08.281


[not only am I skipping ahead, I’m totally cheating! I’ve had this written up for months now and am gonna get my first 213 words with it! YEEHAW!

Have some Sadstuck, everyone!]

He sat. Quietly, pensively. He couldn’t shake the unease.

He’d seen it coming for a while. One doesn’t quadrant a Troll more than half way across the hemospectrum without coming to terms with it

She was slowing down. Of course, he would be among the first to admit he’d lost some spryness, and would begrudgingly admit his usual mode of dress perhaps did not look as good as it once did… but he wasn’t losing it like she was. Her joints hurt, her eyes were nigh on useless now, she tired easily and her wits had greatly dulled.

She was coming up on the end of her life and he still had so much more to go.


He jumped, then laughed at himself. He turned back to look up at his mate standing behind him.

“Hello, sugarplum.” He smile for her, despite the red film clouding her eyes. He pat the ground beside him. She smiled back at him.

“We can do that inside. The sun will be up soon.”

He paused, smile fading a little.

“I… I know. Will you stay with me here a little before then?”

She smiled back, kissing him before settling beside him. She wrapped an arm around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.



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12年10月26日 Fri 22:05:28.170

Anonymous asked you: brown purple

Purple - You’re hot.
Brown - I would fuck you.

messages liike these make me both very arrogant and very confused

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12年10月25日 Thu 05:37:06.484

catalyticcatharsis asked you: [OH MY GOD I JUST NOTICED YOUR ADDITION TO YOUR BLOG. It is seriously fucking adorable omg. i can’t. i. ]

Isn’t it just though. <3 

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